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Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy

As the world’s most trusted micro needling system, The Dermapen 3 micro needling encourages the body to heal and regrow skin caused by micro-damage. As a convenient, handheld device, the Dermapen distributes 1300 tiny punctures into the skin every second, allowing for the stimulation of cells to promote new collagen to grow.

If you are concerned with major scarring, signs of aging, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, sun damage, skin disorders including skin atrophy, micro needling can deliver exceptional results. We work with our plastic surgeons to improve all types of scarring from acne scarring to surgical scarring and stretch marks. We provide individual treatment plans depending on the type of scar being treated. We specialise in scar reduction and have a number of options available.

Micro needling involves wounding the skin under controlled circumstances to set off a cascade of events within the skin which will then lead to healthy collagen production. Collagen is the support network of the skin and decreases with age. This can be further effected by sun exposure, poor diet and other lifestyle factors.

Results can be seen as soon as the first procedure has been completed. Longer lasting results will be evident after four and six treatments, which are generally scheduled approx. 4-6 weeks apart. Over time, your skin will continue to improve and repair itself.

Most procedures take between 30-60 minutes to complete the entire face. This may vary, depending on the complexity of the skin’s condition, area covered or other treatment factors.

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