Success Stories – Park Clinic Skin

Success Story

This client had some surgical scars she was unhappy with after Breast Augmentation, one was quite high on the breast tissue not In the crease as it should be. She was referred to us after a consulation with one of our surgeons to revise as he did not perform the original surgery.

Treatment Plan:

  • Homecare use of Vitamin A, B and C serums daily
  • Combination therapy of Skin Needling and Laser genesis, alternating each treatment approx. 4-6 weeks apart.

Success Story

This client suffered a horrific dog attack on her forearm. She was referred to us by one of our surgeons for scar revision approx. 3-4 months after her last surgery.

Treatment plan:

  • Home care use of Vitamin A, B and C serums daily
  • Home care use of physical barrier SPF containing Zinc Oxide
  • 8 Skin Needling treatments approx. 6-8 weeks apart then the addition of Laser Genesis Treatment which we are currently performing for further scar revision.

Client Feedback – Amy

I can’t speak highly enough of my treatment today with Paige! I had the Omnilux facial treatment and I am glowing ! Being a therapist myself, I find it quite difficult to let another therapist treat me but Paige was so knowledgable and passionate and a beautiful person as well! It was an absolute pleasure being treated by her! I’ve certainly found my go to clinic and can’t wait to go back for more!!! Xxx

Client Feedback – Jodie

Treatments that work performed by knowledgeable and caring staff.
The service I receive from Paige and the team is unprecedented.
My skin has never looked better and I would highly recommend The Laser Lounge Woolloomooloo.

Client Feedback – Crystal

Highly recommend, got my eyeliner tattood by Paige and couldn’t be happier 🙂 she was gentle and a perfectionist so it wasn’t rushed, didn’t hurt at all.
The other staff were friendly and helpful as well
I go back in a few weeks for a touch up 🙂

Client Feedback – Sabrina

Very happy with the results of my 1mL lip enhancement! Was bait worried before hand that i would be walking out duck faced and fake but was surprised at how natural and plump they look!

Client Feedback – Junee

I went to The Laser Lounge last week for my very first experience with Microdermabrasion….
I first spoke with Paige over the phone and was delighted that on my first visit I met with her and she actually remembered who I was.
I will admit getting my face worked over like I was been sandpapered was a very weird sensation, but i was very soon relaxed and quite into the experience with excitement. very weird became just interesting, no pain, just odd…
Lets just say, this was not and will not be my last time at the laser lounge.
great experience, good feeling, professional team, great atmosphere, and I looked good. lol… 🙂

Client Feedback – Michelle

I had laser hair removal here last month and I couldn’t get over how different it was to my past experiences!
I have previously been burnt several times by other clinics, not to mention the severe pain that accompanied the burn.
The team here were so thorough and professional, explained how the process works and why I was burnt before, and I finally feel like I can resume lasering without the fear of pain and burns!
Couldn’t recommend them more!

Client Feedback – Annalisa

Met with Paige who was extremely knowledgable and thorough in treatment advice for various skin problems post major surgery. Was quite nervous for the first time however Paige explained the process as it went along and my skin feels fantastic days later and glowing. Will make this a regular “me-time” appointment!

Client Feedback – Matt

I have been coming here for over 12 months now. Have been getting different treatments as well as laser hair removal. Can’t fault Paige and team at all. Been to previous clinics and this one is by far the best. Would recommend in a heart beat.